Why Work at BlueSkies?

Why work at BlueSkies?

  • Competitive salaries
  • Support for professional and educational growth
  • Health (including vision) and dental insurance
  • Paid sick and vacation leave
  • Employer matched IRA
  • Tuition assistance for children of employees (space permitting)
  • Weekly or biweekly staff meetings
  • Consultation and guidance from medical experts from early mental health to physical therapy and sensory integration specialists
  • Additional support for Head Teachers: Monthly reflective supervision meetings, biweekly leadership meetings, time out of the program to change equipment, write reports, and maintain academic records.

Teachers at BlueSkies...

  • Create a classroom setting where children’s social and emotional growth are supported
  • Provide balanced programs that are nurturing and enriching, and are based on principles of respect for children’s unfolding growth process, individual temperament, proven principles of early childhood development, and the needs of an individual as part of a society
  • Are supported in their professional growth and expanding their careers in Early Childhood Education

Grow in your career!

  • Identify skills you have and get support to strengthen them
  • Identify skills you want to gain and get support to build them
  • Continue your education and receive tuition assistance


Current Openings


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