Kenesha “Kiki” Parnell

Kenesha “Kiki” Parnell

Head Teacher, Homeroom

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The Homeroom and Schoolroom Classrooms

These classrooms were designed to work together, blending the best of home and school experiences for the children. The child spends half their day in each room. The younger homeroom group (3 to 4 years-old) begin their day in the homeroom classroom while the older schoolroom group (4 to 5 in September and 5 to 6 by the following August) begin their day in the schoolroom. The homeroom group spends their afternoons in the schoolroom classroom and the schoolroom group spends their afternoons in the homeroom classroom.  The teachers stay in the same classroom all day. Rules, routines and procedures are constant between the classrooms while activities very from classroom to classroom. The teachers adjust the curriculum in each afternoon to match the children stage of development, interest.

In The Classroom

  • How things work and how “to do it” building the child’s freedom to choose, independence and love of learning.
  • The children are learning to understand themselves and the world around them through home like activities and a strong play based preschool curriculum.
  • Social skills and language development round out the focus on the development of the whole child

In the afternoon both classrooms are adapted to match interests and needs of the group in the room.

Room Parent(s)

Meg Horl:

Your room parent is here to help you transition into the school, make connections with other families in your class. Have a question for your room parent? Send an email.


Amy Bell Hou, Teacher

Amy Bell Hou, Teacher

Kea first taught in the Wobbly Walkers at BlueSkies from 1988–1991; after a few years in Southern California she returned in 1993 and has been here with the Wobblies ever since.  Kea has 18 E.C.E. units.

Rebecca Smythe, Teacher

Rebecca joined BlueSkies in March of 2017 as a teacher in the Schoolroom and Homeroom.  She has over 20 Early Childhood Education units, has a BA from Boston University, and is currently pursuing a Masters in Library and Information Sciences from San Jose State University.  She has over three years’ experience working with young children.