About BlueSkies for Children

BlueSkies is committed to providing high-quality support to children and their families, ensuring that parents can focus on their jobs knowing that their children are experiencing healthy days of balanced play, nurturing, and learning.

BlueSkies, a private, nonprofit 501(c)3 program founded in 1983, is the only NAEYC-accredited childcare center in Oakland. The National Association for the Education of Young Children has been a national program for the accreditation of Early Education programs for 30 years. 

There is a direct correlation between high-quality early learning and children’s positive long-term outcomes in life, including increased educational attainment, healthier lifestyles, and more successful careers. NAEYC accreditation helps teachers and other staff in early learning programs develop a shared understanding of and commitment to quality. The accreditation process leads to increased staff morale, greater staff retention, and a more positive, energetic work atmosphere overall—enabling centers to provide a solid foundation for all children’s success in life.

NAEYC accreditation also helps families recognize quality early learning programs, and to feel comfortable knowing that their children are receiving a high-quality, research-based education that will prepare them for future success. NAEYC accreditation offers programs access to continuous quality-improvement, the latest research on best practices, training, technical assistance, and visibility on family-focused search engines.

BlueSkies for Children has been accredited by the National Association for the Education of Young Children since 2005.

Our Mission

The mission of BlueSkies is to practice and teach an optimal approach to education and care of young children based on the interrelated disciplines of human development. Such an approach sustains and supports today’s children and families and provides an educational center for caregivers and the community.

The history of the organization began years before official incorporation, when the founder ran a center in East Oakland caring primarily for the children of young teen mothers in residence. The center served babies starting life in the most fragile circumstances, lacking financial resources and institutionalized with their teen mothers who needed to learn parenting skills. During the founder’s six-year tenure she developed the philosophical foundation of  BlueSkies, blending the nurturing of home with the enrichment of preschool. The program, developed for an extremely underprivileged population and now in place at BlueSkies for children from varied socioeconomic backgrounds, proves that all children thrive when they are given respectful, developmental support by educated, caring adults in a healthy environment.

Philosophy in action

We Believe children should expect the world to be a beautiful and interesting place
So We create yards full of natural materials and growing things, and classrooms that invite exploration appropriate to the children’s level of development.
We Believe people want to be friendly and kind
So We speak to children and each other in a kind and respectful manner.
We Believe all children want to please the people they live and work with
So We help children know that when something goes wrong it is a mistake, and the teacher will help them learn to do better next time.
We Believe learning and growth occur in calm, pleasant surroundings
So We arrange the day, the staff and the school with consistent routines and rules so that children know what to expect and how to manage themselves, gaining security and freedom through predictability and continuity.
We Believe all children deserve thoughtful, respectful care
So We welcome all children and families reflecting the world we live in, building open, loving hearts and minds through growing alongside a wide variety of people, families, abilities, and life circumstances.
We Believe development naturally unfolds when given a nurturing, supportive, interesting environment
So We accept each child as a human being with unique strengths and needs, and plan a curriculum that supports growth in all areas of development.
We Believe it is an honor and a responsibility to be part of the formation of a young family
So We offer support and services to parents and caregivers above and beyond child care, nurturing the adults so they can be their best for the children.
We Believe healthy meals, peaceful naps, vigorous play, and time for quiet contribute to the wholeness in a child’s development
So We prepare wholesome food on site, appropriate to each age, help children get the sleep they need, and offer choices in their play to meet each child’s needs.

Fast Facts

Children and Families

Average number of children enrolled each month

Average number of hours enrolled per week

  • Families w/reduced tuition 15% 15%
  • Children of Color 48% 48%
  • Families living in Oakland 83% 83%

Teachers and Staff

Average number of employees


Teacher Turnover Rate


Employees at BlueSkies more than 5 years


People of color


Hold MA or BA degree


Full Time Employees